Rent a Segway


May not be open to confirm

405 Highway 80 on Tybee Island

next to the High Tide Surf Shop


Open 10 am - 6 pm Thursday - Monday


Rental for the X-10 "Off-Road" version

1 hr: $45

2 hr: $75

3 hr: $95

all day: $125




Check this out!! It is really fun!  You will be shown a 20 minute video that explains how to operate the Segway and then you practice with some guidance for about 5 minutes then you are on your own to roam the island.  The "training" key keeps you below 5 mph until you feel really comfortable.  Operating this is so go forward, you lean forward; to go backward, you lean back; to stop if your get uncomfortable with what is happening, you just squat down a little.  We we up and going in just a few minutes.  A charge lasts for over 3 hours and you will have seen all of Tybee long before that.  They have the off road version at their Tybee office and we like those.  You can ride on the sidewalks (when people are not present) and on the streets just as if you were a bicycle.  We think Tybee is a terrific place to do the Segway thing!!  We hear that one of the ministers on Tybee has purchased a Segway - what a great way to get around the the island!!