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Crab Shack

15 miles East of downtown - 40 Estill Hammock Rd, Tybee Island


On Spanish Hammock...on the right BEFORE you get to Tybee on Hwy 80.

Turn right at the "bus stop" bench sign, then an immediate left.

Open 11:30 am -10:00 pm (stays open later on weekends)



The place where "the elite eat in their bare feet"....we're not sure about the elite part but you sure can go in your bare feet and most casual of dress - e.g. straight from the beach.  This has to be a cash cow if we have ever seen one...the lowest facility cost imaginable - an outdoor deck with donut shaped tables - a trash can is in the middle to catch the shells, etc.  This place began with a bar and set out a few tables after the last boat came in on the lift.  It is still the local marina but it is primarily the most "margauritaville" place in Savannah.  The outside deck works even in the winter when they burn a fire in barrels on the deck.  We think the baby alligators are way too much hype. 

You can learn to pick local blue crabs, eat a steamed oyster, or go for the crab stew.  We have a hard time getting out without first a piece of key lime pie.