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Boat to Tour the Tidal Creeks and Little Tybee Island

Convenient, Fun, Educational Nature Tours by boat from Tybee

to Little Tybee Island and the Marshes

can be schedule by calling

Rene Heidt of Sundial Tours at 786-9470


Rene Heidt is a trained naturalist and boat captain.  We have had the pleasure of going on a number of her trips with a wide variety of guests (e.g. business executives from Sweden).  Not only is Rene an expert, she adapts to the interests of her guests, not something that all guides can do.  The experience of the Georgia coast is very different on the water compared to the land.  Her dock is located on one of the hammocks along the Tybee road. You will know that you have a new friend and contact on Tybee as you leave her boat.  We love what she does and recommend it highly!  (and we don't get paid a cent to say so)