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1. Where can I find a place that serves breakfast downtown?

A: Not easily - much easier to find beer than breakfast. 

Our favorite place for breakfast is the Breakfast Club but it is out on Tybee Island - with a C.I.A. educated chef.  Also outside of downtown is Kessler's at the Farmers Market 710 Highway 80 which starts at 5:30 a.m. Monday-Saturday and closes at 3:00 p.m.  The pancakes are a specialty at Larry's at 3000 Skidaway Road 355-5821 Monday-Friday starting at 6:00 a.m.

Downtown breakfast is available at the Express Cafe & Bakery at 39 Barnard Street - open 7-3 Tue-Fri, 8-3 Sat-Sun. The Wright Square Cafe downtown serves breakfast starting at 7:30 am Monday - Saturday.  J Christophers' on 122 E. Liberty Street is strictly a breakfast and lunch place: they open at 7:00am and close at 2:00pm seven days a week.

There are, of course, the hotels downtown - the Hilton, the Hyatt and the Marriott.   

2. I'm a hound for bar-b-que; where should I go?

A: We think some of the best are The Pink Pig in Levy, SC across the bridge 843-784-3635, Black Jack's on Highway 80 in Bloomingdale 748-4649, and the most convenient is Johnny Harris 1651 E. Victory Drive 354-7810 in business since 1924! The ribs are our preference at Wall's. There are lots of other choices listed in the phone book to consider also.

3. I am a vegetarian and have a hard time eating right on the road; where can I go?

A: Check out Brighter Day 236-4703 on Park Avenue at the South end of Forsyth Park - they have great choices every day and the Sentient Bean 232-4447 is next door with other choices such as quiche, stuffed baked potatoes and fair trade coffees.  We also like Sweet Potatoes out at 6825 Waters Ave 352-3434 though the vegetables might not be considered "vegetarian".

4. Seems like most places to eat are closed on Sunday; where can I go then?

A: A lot of the family owned businesses do close for a day of rest on Sunday, except on River Street.  In the evening you may have to do pizza or a calzone at Mellow Mushroom 11 W. Liberty St., Vinnie Van Go-Go's in City Market or Spanky's on River Street.

There are several choices for brunch on Sunday. The Express Cafe near City Market is open on Sundays. An excellent choice any day is Soho South Cafe (11 a.m. - 3 p.m. on Sunday) at 12 W. Liberty (Mon-Sat - 11:30-2:30 p.m. and 6p.m.-10 p.m.)  FireFly Cafe 321 Habersham Street 234-1971 does a excellent brunch on Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

5. I came to Savannah thinking about seafood - where are the local places?

A: Our expert who eats well around the world considers the best shrimp and flounder in Savannah are to be found at Papa's Bar-B-Que on Thur-Sat only; they are on Highway 80 east of downtown in a strip mall on Whitemarsh (the e is silent) Island; call 897-0236 for directions so that you don't miss it.  The Savannah long-time standard was William's Seafood until it burned to the ground.  The Crab Shack 786-9857 near Tybee is the playful place to pick blue crabs, shuck oysters while sitting outside on the deck - we think they went a bit too far with the alligator nursery; they do draw lots of customers. The place for just plain steamed shrimp that really is off the beaten path (unless your are paddling the intercoastal waterway) is Desposito's in Thunderbolt; call 897-9963 for directions, which you will need. Love's Fish Camp 925-3616 is on Highway 17 at the Ogeechee River south of Abercorn/204 near I-95.  Let us know if you discover a real gem and we will try it.

6. Is there someone who does customized walking tours?

A: Yes, call Ardis Wood of Victorian Lady Tours at 912-232-7708 and talk to her about your interests and schedule.  Savannah is recognized as one of the greatest walking cities in the world (see Savannah in 1000 Places to See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz) and has a town plan (which accommodates a mix of uses) laid out before the invention of the automobile and is studied in all schools of architecture and city planning.  Come walk this laboratory of living.  Read about the squares, rated as one of the 10 Most Beautiful Places in America.

7. Where can I find a calendar of events happening in Savannah?

A: Here are some Savannah web sites to visit where you will find the schedule for local events:

Savannah Music Festival  

Savannah Tour of Homes

The Lucas Theater

The Coastal Heritage Society

Savannah Underground : Savannah Live Music & Alternative Culture : Punk, Hardcore, Emo and More

The Coastal Jazz Society

Psychotronic Films

Convention & Visitors Bureau of the Chamber of Commerce

Savannah Folk Music Society

March 17th is Saint Patrick's Day celebrated by over 100,000 each year in Savannah; except for the parade, this is mainly an event for the young beer drinkers.

8. Is there a taxi cab driver that specializes in showing people around town?

A: Call Yellow Cab 236-1133 and ask for driver Monty Evans who is the self proclaimed "taxi concierge", who wears a suit and crocodile loafers and has been driving in Savannah for four years.  He can make reservations at restaurants, set up tours, and offer advice. He keeps two wicker baskets on hand for customers who want to take a picnic and drives clients around for Realtors so that they can get a sense of the city.

9. You guys have bugs in Savannah?

A: We might even define the seasons by the bugs. The Georgia coast would probably have been overrun by Yankees long ago if it were not for sand gnat season. Like all warm moist places we have cucarachas, as some would call them; stomp them and they make a nice crunch.  In the spring and the fall, in the very nicest of weather, we sometimes have sand gnats (the name of our baseball team), primarily outside of the historic district; they disappear with a breeze of 2.5 mph or more.  After a rain we may have some mosquitoes but the county sprays for them often.  So as a practical matter, bugs are not much of a problem downtown; elsewhere it depends on the weather and season.  At least we don't have midges like in Scotland.

10. Where do I find a restroom when I am out walking the historic district?

A: First, plan ahead!  Second, do business (e.g. buy cup of coffee) with a business that has one.  Third, use a government building such as City Hall on Bay Street, the County Court House on M.L.King St., the Federal Court House on Wright Square, a parking garage, or the City hospitality center on River Street.  New facilities are under construction (finally!) in Forsyth Park.  Otherwise go in to one of the hotels acting as if you belong there. 

11. Is there a site with really good photographs of Savannah?


A: We think you will be very impressed with

12. American beer is intolerable.  Where can I find real beer?


A: You might check out the Moon River Brewery on Bay Street.  We do have a number of places that have Guinness (anything else is training beer) on tap including Kevin Barry's (The Irish music place) on the river front, Mellow Mushroom on Liberty St., Vinnie Van Go-Go's,  in City Market and The Crystal Beer Parlor on W. Jones St., to name a few.  Don't expect Americans to understand what you think of their beer.

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