Off the Beaten Path in Savannah

Criteria for Inclusion

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Here is a list of the factors which we consider in deciding whom to list (but we make some exceptions when we feel like it) -

1. The place is a bit obscure, likely to be overlooked or may be under appreciated.

2. The place provides an opportunity for visitors to interact with interesting people, and potentially with the owner.

3. The operator is especially talented in what she or he is doing and provides good value for their customers.

4. The operation contributes in some interesting way to the character of our city especially in preserving ways of life that are displaced by franchises, malls and big box retailers.

5. The business operates with the presence of the owner, who may put his or her own personal reputation at stake by including his or her name in the name of the business.

6. The business is located outside of the high traffic areas but is still in an area that we would consider safe for ourselves and our family. Most of the locations are outside of City Market, Riverfront and Broughton Street, and a number of them are outside of the Historic District and therefore involve using a bicycle, bus or car.

7. The business does not already have a high profile outside of Savannah.