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Staying on the well worn path - hearing a canned talk on a tour bus, walking through a house museum or reading historical markers - can leave a visitor wondering if he or she has gained much of an understanding of a city.  As we were recently traveling outside the US we asked ourselves how we might assist those visiting Savannah to do better - to have an experience or a story that they could take home and maybe get to know some real part of Savannah today.  So we have tapped into the local brains who thrive on finding the obscure gem and created this web site to list the locals' favorite places that might otherwise be overlooked by a visitor.

We treasure Savannah and Tybee too, and we especially appreciate the people who make Savannah their home.  We want to share them with you and we want to make it easier for your to find these treasures so that your experience in Savannah is personal, up close and rich.

We celebrate those in Savannah who are living out their passion like Janie & Peter who are helping people be healthy, like Ryan who is keeping a family tradition alive, like Rev. Hester who brings theater to church, like Mr. Law who wanted a civil rights museum for Savannah, like Stratton who saved the formulas & furnishings from the family business for over 20 years, like Kelli and Kristin who traveled to Central America to research their business, and many others you can meet here.

What you see on this web site are our picks; none of the businesses included on this site has paid us to list them - we include only those whom we know and think justify special attention, as explained with our list of selection criteria.  We hope that our judgment is fair; we are open to all suggestions.  We consider this project to be an example of social entrepreneurship - a contribution to the kind of community that we want to strengthen and maintain.

Those contributing to this site have helped revitalize our Historic District and our main street - Broughton Street over the last 25 years.  This time we have created a "virtual street" of Savannah's most interesting shops, restaurants and fun places to visit. Now you can walk down that street. Please don't take us wrong; we enthusiastically support City Market and Broughton Street and the museum houses but want to expand your horizon to those less prominent places supported mainly by the locals. We hope you will be open to our suggestions of things for you to do that you would might never think of - like getting a key made - that will take you places that are, as we would say, "a real trip".

This site contains the contributions of a number of individuals.  If you have special expertise and would like to contribute to this web site please let us know!  You can send us an email explaining what you would like to add to this site and why that would be helpful for visitors and newcomers to Savannah to suggestions@SavannahOffTheBeatenPath.com