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Baseball - The Sand Gnats!




The 2006 Season as begun!

at Grayson Stadium (almost the oldest baseball stadium in continuous use)

1401 East Victory Drive

We think a $6 general admission ticket to the Class A Sand Gnats is one the best ways to spend a summer evening in Savannah.  You really get to sit close enough to see what is happening (as compared to Atlanta) and it could not be more convenient.  If you are from outside of the US, you have to take this in to get a real piece of American life, small town paced.  Relax, have a beer and maybe a slice of pizza and cheer on these young guys who play hard, travel a lot, and all have dreams of the big time in the major leagues.  Be sure to read the "history" section from the link above to the Gnats!

The Sand Gnats are the Single A affiliate of the Washington Nationals.  They are in the South Atlantic League and play teams from Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and W. Virginia.

Home games are scheduled for April 11 through August 31st., 2006