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Johnny Harris

1651 E. Victory Drive


Mon-Thurs 11:30am-9:30pm; Fri-Sat 11:30am-10:30pm

What Brooks Brothers is to men's clothing, Johnny Harris is to Savannah dining - the place that cares for its traditions (since 1924!).  JH is the place where you can return to after years of being away and have exactly the same meal you enjoyed years ago.  At lunch time during the week the place is jammed with local folks "doing business", some of who will be having the yeast rolls served only at lunch time.  Actually JH is three different places that can adapt to your mood and dress.  There are padded booths in the cozy bar, there are wooden booths in the front room where you can watch the dishes being served up and there is the main dining room which has very private booths (with button on the wall to call the wait staff) and a domed ceiling painted as the night sky surrounded by a mural some say was done by an itinerant artist.  We recommend the half smoked chicken or even the fried chicken prepared without a batter.  Lamb is available in addition to the BBQ pork and their sauce is shipped around the country!  Baked custard pie is a sinful way to finish off a meal here.  Check into the Wednesday night lobster specials but come early because when the lobsters are gone its over.  After a stop here and at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House visitors will have experienced Savannah's two incredibly long standing culinary traditions!