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Forces of Nature

Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck

Savannah Locations for Scenes in the movie:

Scene Savannah Location
Dad in the Hospital Mercy Hospital - St. Joseph's
Airport runway

Savannah Airport

New Jersey drive Lathrop Avenue - Colonial Oil
Lunch at the Globe The Globe on Derenne near Whitebluff
Jail Quonset hut at the Savannah Fairgrounds
Train Station Amtrak Station
Bus Station Tour office at the foot of the Talmadge Bridge & Oglethorpe St.
Cash-O-Gram fire Broughton St. near Jefferson (facade constructed on a vacant lot)
Mr. Wonderful Bar

El Rocko was at 514 ML King St.

Suspension bridge Talmadge Bridge over the Savannah River
Street Scene with Sara's X over the $25,000 Wright Square, Federal Court House (curb now changed; bagel sign was just for the movie)
Sara's time with her son 50th Street at Ash Street
  Taylor at Bull St.
  124 East Harris St.