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Easy Trip: Engaging the Kids

specific activities that can involve young people

Oatland Island Education Center

Aquarium on Skidaway Island

Marine Science Center

Riding a Segway




Savannah is promoted as an "adult" kind of destination so it takes a little research to uncover the places that might appeal to young people; here is a starting place for parents and grandparents.
Where What Evaluation
Horses at City Market horse drawn carriage tours leave from City Market can catch the interest of young children
Railroad Roundhouse turntable and RR stock in maintenance yard; check out the panorama photo of the turntable at www.theothersavannah.com requires interpretation from a parent; use these two web links to get background information
Sea Kayak Trip kayak tour- own boat age 10+, in a boat with parents age 5+ active experience especially if the young person has an interest in nature; combines activity with exposure to the salt marsh life
Aquarium on Skidaway Island tank of native species; this is an educational facility, not a Disney showplace near Skidaway Island State Park
Marine Sci. Center on Tybee ask about the turtle crawls on Tybee modest facility but a resource if you take some initiative; there is more than meets the eye.
Savannah Wildlife Refuge A federally operated wildlife refuge for migratory waterfowl and other critters a driving tour around canals and ponds with birds and alligators in their natural habitat; walk the levies to get away from the roads
Oatland Island Education Center an educational facility operated by the public school system a large outdoor facility with trails and lots of native wildlife; the first place to consider in your plans because of the visibility of the wild life and range of species
History lessons there are two special places to help young people learn about life in the 1940s and 1950s at the Civil Rights Museum and the 8th Air Force Museum; to learn about transportation of freight before railroads and highways visit the Savannah-Ogeechee Canal; to learn about early railroads visit the Roundhouse the lessons of history are lost if not passed on to the current generation
Ride a Segway children over 75 pounds can be checked out to travel with a parent Tybee is the perfect place to experience this high tech 2 wheel invention that is very exciting to techies.
Forts along the Sav. River (ship channel) Fort Pulaski and Ft. Jackson located on Hwy 80 going from downtown toward Tybee can grab the imagination of young people; cannon firing and soldiers in uniform are usually scheduled; a place to burn up some youthful energy.
State Parks Skidaway Island State Park; camp sites are available. has hiking trails in the pine forest and along the marsh; a place to burn up some energy. There is hiking: 1-mile Sandpiper Nature Trail and 3-mile Big Ferry Trail. Facilities include: 588 acres, 88 tent, trailer, RV Sites ($26), Interpretive Center, giant ground sloth exhibit, swimming pool, playground, 5 picnic shelters, and 3 pioneer campgrounds.
The Edge of the Sea be creative: go to Tybee at night or in a storm to expose you children to the sea and to ghost crabs; during the day stop and examine the pools near the breakers at the South end or rocks at the North end; walk in the salt marsh around Ft. Pulaski and chase the fiddler crabs the edge of the sea - the place to slow down and help children learn to see and feel; read Rachel Carson's classic book about parenting The Sense of Wonder in our children.
We have zillions of girls who come here as Girl Scouts to visit the Juliet Gordon Low birth place.  Go to Shaver's book store and get the local book of activities for children - Savannah Safari $5.95.   Wilderness Southeast offers field trips and lectures and may be able to customize a trip.