American Legion Post 135 (open to the public)

1108 Bull Street (in the Historic District south of Forsyth Park)

Post 135 the American Legion is open to the community from 4pm until closing which us usually about midnight Monday through Saturday. The Legionís crowd is a mix of veterans, refugees from the closing of Jim Collins Bar -Savannahís quirkest bar for over 30 years - artists, local art students, and all sorts of folks from the neighborhood. Thursday is ladies night with drinks costing a buck, thatís right a buck! And Friday from 6 to 8 is men's night with one dollar Budweiser. Its hard to explain what you will find here. The best way to know is to go.  This place is open to everyone, as long as they "behave".  While you are there look for the connection to the 8th Air Force Museum.